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My Absolutely Essential, Non-Negotiable Birth Prep Strategy: Acupuncture

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Once you have reached the 35th week of pregnancy you are officially ready to start preparing your body for labour. These natural strategies do not induce early term labour, but rather prepare your body for an efficient and successful birth. If you are anxious about the birth process, and I’m not sure who isn’t, it’s also helpful to have someone to talk with and provide education on what to expect to ease your anxiety. If you have not been seeing a naturopathic doctor throughout your pregnancy, I highly recommend seeing one to prepare for birth. It is never too late.

In the final weeks of your pregnancy the focus is on:

  • YOU
  • Preparing home for the new baby and mom
  • Healthy nutrition – avoiding sugar and increasing protein
  • Preparing some crockpot recipes to make meals easy after birth
  • Light physical activity – walks, yoga, stretching, sex, birth ball etc.
  • Deep breathing and relaxation – listen to music, go for a massage, meditate, practice your breathing techniques etc.

Now let’s talk about acupuncture:

Weekly acupuncture beginning at 35 weeks is the most simple and effective strategy for preparing your body for the labour process. All you have to do is have a 20-minute nap, and let the acupuncture do the work.

Acupuncture is extremely safe in pregnancy and has been proven to: 

  • Reduce the length of labour by 2 hours 
  • Improve efficiency of contractions (makes them more purposeful)
  • Reduces the need for interventions like medical induction and epidural
  • Ripens the cervix and prepares the pelvic floor and muscles for labour
  • Helps manage end of pregnancy symptoms (carpal tunnel, hemorrhoids, insomnia etc.)
  • Provides relaxation and mental calmness
  • Turn a breech baby in combination with moxa (more on that another day)
  • Induce late labour – different acupuncture points are used after you have passed the 40 week mark and need to get things going

I also swear by this pre-birth snack with a tea and a fruit!

Dates – eating 6 dates a day starting at 36 weeks has shown to increase cervical dilation, promote spontaneous labour, shorten the first stage of labour, and decrease the need for Pitocin!

Red raspberry tea – 3 cups a day, hot or cold, to tonify the uterus and promote pelvic blood flow. Other optional add ins: chamomile, lemon balm, rose, oat straw, nettle

And there you have it, the naturopathic way to prepare for labour. If you have more questions, book a complimentary consultation

Acupuncture & My Heart: A Personal Story

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12 years ago I started experiencing abnormal heart palpitations. After a few years of misdiagnoses, I was told I had paroxysmal supraventricular tachycardia (PSVT for short). PSVT is just a fancy term for having a really, really fast heart rate due to extra electrical fibers in the heart interfering with the normal electrical circuit.

PSVT is not uncommon and not harmful. It wasn’t going to kill me, but man was it annoying! It got in the way of me doing seemingly everyday things, like sitting on the couch, dancing at weddings, going in saunas, tripping up the stairs (which I do often), and even studying. But it was a part of me and I was used to it and I dealt with it fine for 11 years. Until one day it annoyed my parents more than it annoyed me. It was getting worse as I got older.


So to please Sue & Randy, I met with two different cardiologists who both said the same thing- the only cure was cardiac ablation (burning the heart tissue that might be causing the abnormal rhythm). It was the only option so I made an appointment for the ablation 3 months into the future. But I was worried, I was worried that the ablation wouldn’t solve the problem and I’d just be left with a scarred heart.


I decided I would book a different appointment while I was waiting. I sought the help of my friend and fellow ND, Ayla Andrus, and asked her to give me her best shot because I had 3 months to avoid surgery. She came up with an evidence-based approach for acupuncture (that means there’s published research!)


Now here’s the point: After THREE acupuncture treatments, I had no more episodes. I went from having multiple episodes a month/week for 11 years to NONE at all. Needless to say I cancelled the surgery and I haven’t had a PSVT episode for EIGHT MONTHS. Every now and then when I’m really stressed I get a little episode, but I could not be happier with my treatment.

It’s not about “believing” in acupuncture. Acupuncture is not a belief system; it’s not alternative medicine, it’s JUST medicine. Medicine is the treatment and prevention of disease- and that’s exactly what acupuncture can do

Book an appointment with me and try acupuncture out for yourself! Did you know acupuncture is also incredible for fertility? Check out more about fertility acupuncture